Monday, October 17, 2005

The Lab MG10

The Lab MG10 is where it all happens, or the vast majority of it anyway there are mini-labs for other specific purposes on a couple sites in other parts of the city. The Lab MG10 though is found on an ordinary street near an ordinary placa, and is and has been home to many social, political and cultural deviants, misfits and creators for the past seven years. The Lab MG10 is on the map in good ways and bad. The good are that it has been shelter and haven for my many artistic projects as well as place of encounter for many people that pass through Barcelona. A place where locals and foreigners alike come to enjoy an open coziness and perhaps lift a glass of wine. The majority of the contents on the web pages and that I have been involved with were created at least in part here. Two floors and a huuuuuge terrace serve as ample space for all my endeavors.
The bad part is we are also on the map of the local government and they are aching to build a new road through the Lab MG10. We hope that they spend their money elsewhere for a good many years to come and that the community here can continue to flourish. First Photo is the street entrance

The Studio, Taller... whatever you wanna call it.
The studio, Taller whatever you wanna call it converted into it's freakish alter ego... My restaurant.
Franksgiving 2006

Franksgiving 2007

The Artist, hard at work or hardly working?