Friday, June 12, 2009

Personally Political

This is the invite for Personally Political, Contemporary Sensation, a show that I will be involved in Berlin at the Kunsthaus Tacheles, curated by Barbara Fragogna, Here is short blurb on the show... "Is the artist’s work Political even if it is Personal?
What is Personal and what is Political?
Aren’t they as well an expression, explanation, and reflection of the contemporary?
Again, what is contemporary? Hasn’t art always been contemporary?
Aren’t we all contemporary, being alive now, in a specific society, culture, epoque and environment?"

The opening is the 26th of June so anyone in the neighborhood of Berlin is obliged to show up.
Tacheles, the legendary Berlin squat, alternative culture factory or however you'd like to descreibe it, from the backside.

Ain image from the evening of the opening

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Go Figure....

Series of Fifteen Quasi Identical Figures, Steel, cardboard, paint, 48cm x 24cm each unit, 2009

Figure, steel, etc.., 48cm without signage, 2009

This is a new series of 15 figures that I am working on. It falls in line with my earlier piece "Stay on Message". Working in a series allows me to discover the process involved in producing multiples (mindnumbing) which is something that I have never done. Even though the original drawing of the figure is the same because they are made by hand they still have each one their own individual differences. In the end they will also be adorned by other materials, some painted, some not, as well as signage that will make them different from one another. I am currently taking suggestions on what to put on the signage from anyone who cares to offer ideas. It can be text, an image or even an obeject, and can be any laguage or alphabet with a wink to musical notes and mathematical equations. Thesigns normally carry proclamations/declarations of love, fear, social injustice, hate etc... Sometimes just the will to communicate is enough. So if you have an idea please feel free to send it to me. I will be posting more images as I have them.