Friday, June 12, 2009

Personally Political

This is the invite for Personally Political, Contemporary Sensation, a show that I will be involved in Berlin at the Kunsthaus Tacheles, curated by Barbara Fragogna, Here is short blurb on the show... "Is the artist’s work Political even if it is Personal?
What is Personal and what is Political?
Aren’t they as well an expression, explanation, and reflection of the contemporary?
Again, what is contemporary? Hasn’t art always been contemporary?
Aren’t we all contemporary, being alive now, in a specific society, culture, epoque and environment?"

The opening is the 26th of June so anyone in the neighborhood of Berlin is obliged to show up.
Tacheles, the legendary Berlin squat, alternative culture factory or however you'd like to descreibe it, from the backside.

Ain image from the evening of the opening


Anonymous said...

que perfeição de trabalho :)

Ana said...

loved your work. Congratulations!

Rupeshow said...

really awesome work.

pampalluga said...

Your work is amazing!
thanks 3 share ;)


Iván Abrego (ivanfilios) said...

Very interesting artwork. An eye opener. Me encanta.

Anonymous said...

hi! love love love your art. I work at a travel mag in the Philippines and I really want to write about you for our Design section.. Please let me know how I can talk to you about this. my email address is

Anonymous said...

Hello Frank.

I am writing to you from a Singapore based design publication. I tried sending you an email but I am not sure if you have received it.

So pardon the 'rude' way of contacting you through your blog. Guess it's the only available way? Haha!

We're interested in featuring your work in our up coming publication - MERGE art + craft + design.

Do contact me at so that we can further discuss more.

Thanks so much and hear from you soon.

Ms Euphemia Toong

a.©.s said...

you are so cool, my eyes hurt looking at your stuff.