Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Things That Cross(&*^%$!!!) Your Mind...

A new series of 15 small statues that I'm currently working on for the Gallery Mad is Mad in Madrid. They follow the other series that I did last year except that the signage is a bit more provocative and complex. They serve as my bully pulpit and release valve/sketchbook for ideas and thoughts. Cross playing with the saying "cross your mind" as well as making you or becoming cross, as in angry. A few are highlighted below...

"If the church really had their shit together...", mixed media, 63.5cm x 24cm x 8.5cm

"I had a dream last Night", Mixed Media, 67 x 27 x 12cm, 2010

"Poke your eyes out for conservative Values...", Mixed Media, 60 x 25 x 8.5cm, 2010

"Telefuckyou", Mixed Media, 57.5 x 28 x 8.5cm, 2010

"Say no to old Stone Buildings...", Mixed Media, 59.5 x 24 x 8.5cm, 2010

"I went to the bank and all I got was this Lousy Broken dream...", Mixed Media, 70 x 25 x 16cm, 2010

"You Wonka", Mixed Media, 60.5 x 23.5 x 8.5cm, 2010

"You do that Voodoo...", Mixed Media, 71 x 29 x 18cm, 2010

"Vote This Guy", Mixed Media, 66 x 24 x 8.5cm, 2010