Thursday, February 26, 2009


Star Power and Raising Pooh

Three new small figures that are a part of a larger series where I'm investigating new materials and techniques most prominently the process of flocking which is completely new to me but quite fun and super kitsch. The two figures on the left and the right are employing this technique.

1. Star Power: Sarah with Hanky, Steel, Fabric, flocking dust, 45cm x 4cm, 2008
2.Alex Raising Pooh!, Steel, Doll, 45cm x 4cm, 2008
3.Star Power: Maiken with Hanky, Steel, Fabric, flocking dust, 45cm x 4cm, 2008

Star Power: Maiken with Hanky(Detail)

Here you can see a bit better the texture flocking leaves, in the end it is not unlike felt to the touch and is supposedly weather proof. Not sure where this is leading but I'm liking working with texture and color.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Know What you're thinking

The latest.... One more to go.

These are the first three figures of a new piece involving five figures that I'm currently busy with. In the end with all five figures the signs will form a sentence when read in sequence. Can anyone guess what the last two signs will have on them??? As of yet the pieces are not painted or clean and the color of the signs and fonts to be used are also still to be determined so stay posted... Now off to ARCO!