Monday, December 18, 2006

Favela, One more time...

Favela IV, 250cm x 150cm, Steel, 2006

OK, I thought I was done with the favelas as a theme but I was wrong. About three months ago I was approached by Anna Sallares who for a long time had been interested in buying a piece of mine. At the time I was busy with the favelas and it was a them e that she was interested in. When researching the favelas I inquired about a tecnique called laser cutting which is exactly that, a machine that cuts through steel using a laser. The work in the studio in progress

The original drawing I did of the favela seemed to complicated for me to do by hand so I got a couple of quotes to have it realized by this what was a new technique for me. I should say I tried, I tried a shop here in Spain, one in the states and another in China and they all said that they weren't interested, to much work for them and their technicians. At that stage I had kinda given up on making one by hand and realized them in various other manners, see.... Along comes Anna, she says she likes the idea and I think it's the perfect excuse for me to do something that I have to say at first intimidated the hell out of me. Here you have the result, thanks to Anna for enticing me into this project.

Some details of the work in progress