Saturday, October 31, 2009

Text Message

Text Message, Steel, Various Dimensions, 2009

Text Message (detail), Steel, Various Dimensions, 2009

Remember we used to write things?? :). Remember grammar? Remember penmanship? Naaaah forget penmanship it was never my thing. Regardless it seems today that most of the writing that get's done is electronic and I feel emoticonned. A couple years ago I did a text based piece for some friends and have been wanting to return to investigate it more since then. I have and this is the result... Text Message #1, a small note that you might leave or find on the kitchen counter, a pillow, etc... The possibilities are limitless.


on the floor in the studio

And it's flexible!!! Here it is in the three line version in Diagonal!!!

A new text Piece

Friday, October 09, 2009


Over the last months I've done a handful of interviews which I find are a great opportunity for reflection and gathering ones thoughts. Here you have a video done for local television channels in Spain as well as links to others that I have done for various online publications. The series is called Noves Visions and in their own words:

"The program Noves Visions talks with people who have left their country of origin to come and live in Catalonia. This in order to learn about their new lives, their activities, their projects and their dreams."

Other recent interviews can be found at the following links:

text: Judith Busch

Interview: Frank Plant