Monday, November 11, 2013

Metropolitan Barcelona November 2013

A very nice article written by the journalist Lynn Baiori for this month Metropolitan Barcelona Magazine. here is a link to the online version of the article here.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Learning to Dance, SODA Istanbul, April 20th - June 15th 2013

It was time to return to what has quickly, or at least over the course of the last three years, become a sort of a home away from home, Istanbul. Saturday, April 20th we inaugurated my second solo show at SODA Istanbul. As usual it was a warm and helpful welcome to the city as well as setting up the show. The show titled "Learning to Dance" will be open through June 16th.

The Poster for the show

A view of the interior of the Gallery
Naim and Nagihan, the owner of the Gallery, helping with the set up.

The first day of the set up

Gallery Assistant Merwe Atli helping paint the bases of Any Place, Any Time

The application of the vinyls

The Tea Party

The Tourist

Just Say the Word

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Preview Art Fair: Berlin

The Accident, 270cm x 230 cm, Painted Steel, 2006

Setting up for the show Oct. 2012
Super Tres Punts Rock Star Samuel Salcedo setting up his works in the stand 

Interior shot of the stand with Paintings by Ramon Surinyac and Sculpture by Samuel Salcedo.

Samuel Salcedo, Ramon Surinyac and Gerard Mas. The  Three Musketeers of Tres Punts
Gerard Mas getting licked by a sculpture of Samuel Salcedo

The piece "The Accident" and a shot of the stand from the outside, the three small pieces on the interior of the stand are watercolors by the exceptional artist Sito Mujica

While the fairs were on Gerard Mas exhibited his incredible sculptures at the new Tres Punts Gallery in Berlin

The Accident installed in it's new home in Berlin

El Salvador/The Savior

Right Here, Right Now, Visual Mantra Numero Uno

A piece that is a reflection on the use of text in visual arts. Text and image use different parts of the brain to be processed, I wanted to blur those lines by trying to create a pattern that would allow people to appreciate the text as an image and vice versa. This is a theme that i will revisit on occasion.

Painted Steel
130cm x 280cm (Variable Dimensions)

The Lady of the home where the piece was installed

I will not... Been told this image is reminiscent of the beginning of the Simpsons

Here and below some images of the work in progress

Impossible not for this number to come to mind when using this text, Fatboy Slim's seminal 1999 dancetrack...

Monday, October 29, 2012

The good folk over at Gestalten have seen fit to include some of my work in their latest publication called "High Touch, Tactile Design and Visual Explorations". The book is a treasure trove of creative people 
Below is what they have on their

High Touch

Tactile Design and Visual Explorations
The three-dimensional look of today’s visual culture is being shaped by techniques and styles from fine art and handicraft.
R. Klanten, M. Hübner
Release Date: 
August 2012
24 x 28 cm
224 pages, full color, hardcover


About This Book

High Touch is a powerful collection of cutting-edge tactile design. This choice selection of three-dimensional work defines a new visual language for presentation and storytelling. The handicraft and artisanship necessary for the creation of these works appeal to the interdisciplinary mindset of our time and activate more of our senses than standard two-dimensional images ever could.

High Touch documents an inspiring range of material objects and spatial orchestrations that meld crafts including crochet, papercraft, and the design of costumes and masks with the techniques of more traditional art forms such as installation, sculpture, collage, photography, and illustration. The examples featured in the book prove that the scope for this trailblazing work is enormous. Applications include advertising, brand presentations, editorial design, photography, product design, stage design, and scenography, as well as related fields that either exist already or that their creators have yet to invent.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Swab Barcelona

Friends, Romans, countrymen, come to the Swab art fair starting next wednesday the 23rd at Pabellon 2 of La Fira in scenic Placa España, Barcelona, Spain. I will be there with the Gallery Tres Punts, Stand 22, alongside the likes of Samuel Salcedo, Poala de Grenet, Sito Mujica, and Ramon Surinyac

Hope to see you there...

Meanwhile on the Peninsula, 250cm x 160cm, Painted Steel, 2012

Salvese Quien Pueda...


Everyman for Himself...

Salvese Quien Pueda..., 105cm x 143cm, Painted Steel, 2012

If you live in Spain nowadays it's hard to escape the constant dull roar in the press, on the streets, in the cafes and bars etc. etc. etc. in relation to the current financial crisis and subsequent meltdown of the Spanish banking system. I felt this image was appropriate for the moment that this culture and society finds itself. I liked the idea of a life preserver or, Life Jacket as if there was something out there that could really protect us. I'm hoping that viewers can see beyond the image to the icon and reflect on the idea of life preservation and not the current mentality that seems rampant which is that of everyman for himself...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Meanwhile on the Peninsula
Of Butanos y Butaneros

 Source material for Meanwhile on the Peninsula

If you live in Spain then you know the far off and increasingly closer klank of the butanero broadcasting his presence in the neighborhood. I remember the first time I heard it laying in bed and thinking "Who the f#%& is making that racket!!!!". I learned that the clanging was the plaintiff call of the butanero looking to mate with consumers who's buildings had not yet been adapted to having gas piped directly into their homes. It's a bit of a strange, very basic system for distributing Gas bottles throughout the land. The Butaneros are primarily Pakistani. In the piece I wanted to address this subculture of Spain which to me seems somehow a form medievil serfdom. Butanos for me are very much a symbol of life in Spain and by using the truck (which is owned and run by the company Repsol) I wanted to draw a parallel between the large and powerful multinationals that rule Iberia as well as draw attention to the caste (so to speak) that are responsible for the distribution of the individual bottles. Literally the powerful and rich reliant on the backs of the have nots. I also liked the truck because there is no driver, if you have been in Spain any of the last years then you would have to observe that it does feel somewhat like a boat without a captain.

 Meanwhile on the Peninsula, 250cm x 160cm, Painted Steel, 2012

  Meanwhile on the Peninsula (detail), 250cm x 160cm, Painted Steel, 2012

  Meanwhile on the Peninsula (detail), 250cm x 160cm, Painted Steel, 2012

 Meanwhile on the Peninsula (detail), 250cm x 160cm, Painted Steel, 2012

Friendly neighborhood Butanero

Monday, February 13, 2012

Art Madrid w/ Galeria Tres Punts

From February 16th-19th, Pabellon de Cristal, Casa de Campo de Madrid, Stand B2, de la Galeria Tres Punts. Other artists involved with Tres Punts will be Samuel Salcedo, Ramon Surinyac, Gerard Mas and Gonzalo Rueda. Come one, come all...

A promotional Video realized for the Fair.

A couple images from the stand at the fair.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Collection Nesrin Esirtgen: No.1 Istanbul, Turkey

A piece of mine acquired by the Nesrin Esirtgen Collection is currently on display through May in Istanbul, Turkey. Some fantastic artists are also involved, Jaume Plensa, Antony Gormley, Nazif Topçuolglu, Kim Joon just to name a few. If you find yourself in the area, stop by.

My two Turkish guardian angels, Nagihan Uzel and Idil Ergun posing with the piece Collective Ennui. Nagihan runs SODA Istanbul and Idil works with the collection being shown. More info here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MISC Magazine: The Insight issue

A nice new spread in a very nice, well written and thought provoking magazine, on newstands in March.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Una Inclinación Natural / A Natural Inclination

Next Thursday the 12th of January - the 10 of March I will be involved in a group exhibit at Tres Punts Gallery, c/Aribau 75. The opening starts at 7:30pm. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011


A rainy day in Berlin waiting to see the show of renaissance portraiture at the Bode Museum. We didn't get in...

Online, 262cm x 127cm x 2.5cm, Painted Steel, 2011

Online, 262cm x 127cm x 2.5cm, Painted Steel, 2011