Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Preview Art Fair: Berlin

The Accident, 270cm x 230 cm, Painted Steel, 2006

Setting up for the show Oct. 2012
Super Tres Punts Rock Star Samuel Salcedo setting up his works in the stand 

Interior shot of the stand with Paintings by Ramon Surinyac and Sculpture by Samuel Salcedo.

Samuel Salcedo, Ramon Surinyac and Gerard Mas. The  Three Musketeers of Tres Punts
Gerard Mas getting licked by a sculpture of Samuel Salcedo

The piece "The Accident" and a shot of the stand from the outside, the three small pieces on the interior of the stand are watercolors by the exceptional artist Sito Mujica

While the fairs were on Gerard Mas exhibited his incredible sculptures at the new Tres Punts Gallery in Berlin

The Accident installed in it's new home in Berlin

El Salvador/The Savior

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