Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Living with Ghosts

Living with Ghosts, Steel, Cloth, Dimensions variable, work in progress, 2008


Stay on Message

Stay on Message, Steel, mixed media, 200cm x 200cm, 2008

Finally!!!! I have the bulk of the piece done, 40 some figures in all and it's quite a presence. Some 6 months since the initiation of the piece.

Still growing! I promised more and this is the latest incarnation of the piece "Stay on Message". Even more will follow...
Ok, you can see it's beginning to take shape. The final destination will be a circle 2 meters in Diameter. If you look closely a faint purple line drawn on the wall is visible which marks the dimensions of the finished project.

Stay on Mesaage is an ongoing project that I am working on that as of yet is unresolved. The project is basically made up of people that are holding signs that convey certain messages. The idea is either to make a multitude of small individual figures or to actually bind a number of them together to make one larger piece. As of now I have made quite a few, here are a smattering. More to come...