Monday, March 19, 2007

Fabrica, Piacere: Fun in Shanghai

Recently one evening, I was in Shanghai preparing for the show "Remote Control" in the MOCA Shanghai. I was working with Sebastian Hanssens an intern at Island 6 Arts Center and great all around partner in crime. We were waiting for certain materials to arrive and decided to take a walk around and peruse the other works on exhibition. That's when we discvered "Fabrica, Piacere", A great interactive art work by Andy Cameron and Oriol Ferrer MesiĆ  of Fabrica the creative think tank based in Italy. We spent the better part of the next half hour commandeering props and getting others involved in our antics. This piece was one of the hits of the show i feel. It's accessible, open and fun which is not so common in the overly subjective art world of today.

Thanks to Andy and Oriol.