Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dealing Arms: My piece of the pie

Finally it dawned on me that this art gig is for the dogs, I could claim a variety of reasons but I don't want to sound bitter. Hence in my search for a new profession I wanted to find something that would be immediately lucrative and I have, arms dealing. I got started yesterday. Click the above image or here to go to Contain Gallery.

I mean why should all the governments get to keep all the revenue from such a lucrative all be it craven trade. No seriously that funny thought crossed my mind yesterday as i was making a shipping crate for my 3.5 meter fuzzy red Kalashnikov ( that's right! 3.5m, fuzzy and red!) which is on it's way to Cologne, Germany to be in the inaugural exhibition of Contain Gallery. I thought Charlton Heston would be proud of my crossing over to the Dark Side. I think I'm ready for lunch with Dick Cheney and Donnie Rumsfeld
Does this make me a bad person?

Should I be concerned about eternal Damnation?

Below you have a link to the video of the inauguration of Contain Gallery where the AK is currently housed.

In their own words:
"There’s a new arrival in Cologne’s design family
CONTAIN Gallery selected design editions is Cologne’s first gallery focused on young international design.

From now on there is a place in the heart of Cologne’s creative Belgian Quarter for exhibitions from the progressive world of young design.

The opening exhibition “Utopie jetzt! / utopia now!“ deals with the utopian idea of an allegedly refined society – contradicted by a cross-section of modern urban lifestyle.

A forum for young and modern design – this is CONTAIN Gallery’s mission statement. Alternating topical exhibitions present international up-and-coming artists and their exclusive prototypes, progressive design concepts and limited editions. Carefully selected pieces will also be available in the Gallery Shop."

Interview with Ioanna Paraskeva, director of Contain Gallery
in the Koelner Stadt Anzieger on the recent opening of her Gallery.


Terry said...

Love it, love it.

Will be in contact soon for that interview soon.

Alejandra said...

Fantástico Frank! Dónde lo podremos ver ´por aquí?

De la única condenación eterna que deberías que preocuparte es de la hipoteca, de todo lo demás basta con arrepentirse justo depués de pecar!

Anonymous said...

All you need now is a goverment contract so you can deny you have one and sell them to countries where they will be used to kill civilians.

C.E.T.I.N.A. said...

Gran trabajo. Una perfecta combinación de ética y estética.