Friday, May 25, 2007

Handwritten Text

More than a long time ago, a friend approached me with the possibility of doing a piece for him. He and his wife both appreciate my work and he wanted to surprise her for her birthday with a piece. So we discussed a few ideas and thought it might be nice if I had a look at some material they had generated on their honeymoon in the greek isles to use as a point of departure. I looked at the material and after doing some preliminary drawings decided to focus on the text for starters with the possible incorporation of an image.

Hand written text is fascinating for me in the same way that a fingerprint is in that it inherently represents an individual.

This is a small sketch I did for my friend Christian Marti and his wife Sole when they bought the text piece. It was right after I did the "Forever" Heart. I am quite happy with it and thought that much larger might also be quite nice...

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Anonymous said...

Love the pieces you have up on this site. Really appreciate your process. Sounds as though you take the time to seek out what makes a piece most meaningful to your client/friend and for your vision for the work.
Carina in Nelson,
British Columbia, CANADA