Monday, December 17, 2007

Hierroglyphic/Frank Plant

Hello, my name is Frank Plant and I am an american artist based in Barcelona, Spain. I work in steel and often times am bending it into peculiar forms. Sometimes I am just welding it into normal functional things as well but I try to avoid that when possible. This blog will serve as a space that I use to document some of the projects I do as well as some of the peculiar observations I have. My friends, family, benefactors, neighbors, students, co-workers, etc., etc... will also probably knowingly or unbeknownst to them haunt these pages. I will also on occasion invent new words to see if the general population is actually paying attention and if we are on the same page. I hope that you will glean something entertaining, curious and or enlightening in these images and thoughts. So by all means read on.

That's me looking for inspiration in the twisted vortex of popular culture, not for the meek, I would not suggest trying this at home.


Tanning Lotion said...

Nice blog

arcadia said...

hi Frank! This is the Chinese gal u met on the plane to Helsinki:) sorry i was not yet fully-wake-up and i 4got 2 say good-bye to u properly... it was really a pleasure to meet you! your works r just great!

Jyle said...

Gee wiz Golly Dang Francis!
Inspiration is typically induced when one finds that the Dodge Dart really is stuck in the snow!

silvia g said...

we miss you, frank.
love from bucharest.

Kari said...

FRANK! Hey, it's Kari from Carlisle. Just found you, your work, your life here. My friend Darwin is coming to Barcelona in 2 days. email me!