Thursday, January 08, 2009

Funny That... Art imitates life etc...

Le Monde Diplomatique, January 2009 edition

In November I did a piece entitled "Relief" (see below) of a figure reading a copy of the La Vanguardia newspaper, the local daily here in Catalunya, of the day that Obama won the elections back in the good ole US of A. Over the holidays an art director from the esteemed (re. very serious as I've been told by a french friend), Le Monde Diplomatique got in touch with me about using the image in their January edition. Being the the slave to any form of publicity I can muster I readily agreed and lo and behold what arrived in the mail today. I'm well pleased and find it ironic that a piece that I did of a fellow reading a newspaper ends up in a newspaper.

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Breakaway said...

Hi Frank.
Very nice work.I'm very interested to know if any is for sale?I like especially the la Cola.Do you ahve something without human figures in it?

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