Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taking in the Laundry

Taking in the Laundry, painted steel, 140cm x 90cm, 2009


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Fantastic work. Simple formula, through an interest in the banality of the everyday and humour and a delicate relationship between drawing and sculpture you establish a poetic for all that view to interact with.
You should show more working drawings to accompany each piece too, that would be really interesting to see the transistion.

Breakaway said...

Hi Frank,
.It will be a while more before I could get back to you.Anyway Love the '....Laundry'.

creativitity channel said...

I discover your works casually on flickr! Amazing!!

theyedropper said...

Artist, you are Big!!!.
On behalve of I am please to let you
know that I have added a permanent link to my blog.
I would appreciate if you could keep us posted on new developments on your
Thank you for your time.