Monday, September 13, 2010

Illustration*Play 2 —An Expedition to the Extraordinary

A fantatsic new book from the people at Victionary arrived in the mail the other day that highlights a great variety of creative stuff from a really diverse group. Exciting and rewarding to be included. official blurb and list of the artists included below

 Illustration • Play 2
—An Expedition to the Extraordinary
Edited by Victionary

What does it take to produce photorealistic qualities with a bunch of crayon sticks? What can you do with the unwanted doors or the .22 caliber rifle gift from your dad if you don’t like hunting? Well, have fun with them!

The process of making is an expedition to possibilities. It is an unprecedented excursion beyond set values and limitations, a sweet-and-sour journey that requires great patience, innovation and invincibility to forge ahead. With an interview section graced by the artists’ handwritings, doodles and distinctive characters, Illustration•Play 2, the second volume of our best-selling illustration series, Illustration•Play, is a body of sweat and surprises yielded from the most ordinary things you could find in life. From flat drawings and collage, to papercuttings, crafts, sculptures, bas-reliefs and installations, get prepared to experience the course of discovery and a different perspective of seeing through the extraordinary handworks made by the very playful hands of 24 makers from around the world! Don't sleep, wake up! You might be the next to stun the world!



Alli Coate
Ana Serrano
Ana Venura
Anastassia Elias aka Chadou Yama
Christian Faur
Dan-ah Kim
Emma van Leest
Frank Plant
Gregory Euclide
Guerra de la Paz
Jeff Nishinaka
Jennifer Khoshbin
Kenichi Yokono
Mayuko Fujino
Meredith Dittmar
Michael Velliquette
Nina Braun
Roman Klonek
Ron van der Ende
Sarah Trahan
Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene
Studio Evelin Kasikov
Walton Creel
Yulia Brodskaya

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